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The Art of Being a Woman

being a woman

I often talk to my male friends about their relationships and I can definitely describe the typical woman of their dreams. Since my personal circumstances are far from ideal, I have decided to talk about the “dream woman”. So what do men see in ladies that attracts their attention?

In general, a man would like to see a combination of the following qualities:

  • charming and happy
  • smiling and radiant
  • the ability to understand a man
  • sincerity in words and deeds
  • good character and feminine behaviour
  • the ability to maintain a comfort

So, to wrap it up, any woman who has the qualities described above would be considered as ideal.

Yes, we know all these qualities and we understand them, BUT… if a woman has all of them, she would never be able to become a DREAM WOMAN. Sounds crazy, but let me explain why.

The truth is, sooner or later she will turn to just a “good girl”, a “good wife” or a “good housewife”, which is then becomes boring!

A dream woman always keeps a man on the edge; she has all the necessary qualities to show a man that she is an interesting personality and is capable of many things. Only in this case, a man does not get tired to be with her! Only in this case, a man is always in a state of excitement and hunting for this woman.

So, what qualities do you need to become a dream woman?

A real woman is able to control her emotional dependence on men. This means she has a wide range of interests, hobbies and favourite activities. So she will never get bored when her man is busy.

Mysterious woman always leaves a room for mystery in a relationship with a man. This is especially important in the initial stage of dating. What does it mean? There is no need to tell them about your talents – let the man reveal these qualities by himself.

A dream woman can fully trust and rely on her man, giving him the leading role, but she appreciates and maintains her own independence. This means that even if your man is ready to provide, you should not just relax and stay where you are! Have a hobby that brings you income and, more important, moral satisfaction, respect and recognition from your man and others.

A woman of dreams should never chase a man. She leaves this prerogative for him! Most men are afraid of women endlessly ringing with questions: “How are you?”, “Will I see you today?” or “Why are you not answering me?” All men see these actions as you desire to limit their personal freedom to control his actions.

A dream woman always leaves a man unsatisfied. This means that during the beginning of relationship she is not afraid to refuse him; she can “afford” not to answer his phone call and just be out of his reach. Such a woman will not be phoning him at work, and distracting during an important meeting or negotiations. Only in this case, a man will not get bored and will be genuinely looking for a reason to be together.

A dream woman understands when a man needs to be alone and does not get involved. She is always ready to give him some free time and does not take offense for it. Surprisingly, man takes it as the highest degree of trust, passion and love.

A real woman is able to control her own time.

She lives in accordance with the most comfortable rhythm of her life. Even when relationship has reached the new level, and you decide to live together, the man knows exactly how much time you need to sleep, and how much time you need to prepare yourself before leaving home.

In addition, control of personal time – it is the ability to fill their own time, when a man is too busy to pay attention to you.

A woman of dreams appreciates herself and remains confident in her own beauty. This is manifested in her ability to accept compliments with a flirty smile and grateful “Thank you!”

A confident woman will never ask the man about his past relationships, or agree to compete with other women. Instead, she cares about herself with love and tender.

Self-Love is the Foundation of Self-Esteem

According to psychologists, self-esteem comes from a self-care. That’s why it is so important to learn how to look after yourself at the first place. I know, we all feel lazy from time to time, but what if you just spend your salary on expensive high heels that you always wanted, or just give yourself a new style with that curling wand that was stored in your drawer for ages? Nothing feels better than a feeling of being stunning!

However, once again I want to draw your attention to the fact that success in love depends not on the exterior alone! It entirely depends on the personality! So try to achieve harmony between the outer and inner world!

If you learn to combine the qualities of an “ideal woman” and a “dream woman “, he will be more likely to miss your company.

Just be happy with your inner self and the true love will come shortly!

Solving the Mystery of Our Dreams

sleeping on the grass

Dear All! Welcome to my 3rd Blog, i hope you all like what you are reading about as i’m trying to find the most interesting staff to feed your brain. Today i would like to discover the truth behind our dreams. Luckily i’m still seeing them daily. There is so much information available online on this subject, but i will start from the very beginning…

Starting from the ancient times, people are trying to unravel the mysteries of their dreams. The first person who tried to explain everything that happens to us in a dream was Democritus. Other ancient Greeks also tried to interpret the dreams and their meanings. For example, Aristotle thought that human activity continues even when we sleep.

In the middle ages the dreams, as well as many other unexplained phenomena were associated with the God. However scientists have not put their attention to the mystery of dreams until the late 19th century when the interest to the interpretation of dreams has increased along with the development of the psychology. At the same time, scientists managed to explain the role of sleep, symbols and images of dreams in some primitive cultures. Later on, the dreams became associated with the creative process in our mind.

Attitude to the events seen in a dream at times of universal atheism was negative. How shall people take the fact that dreams can predict the future?! In contrast to the atheistic view there was a folk wisdom, which says that it is possible to decipher the events and characters that people saw in a dream. The message that people dream about may convey different information: this may be a warning of pending danger or notification of the joyous events and meetings happening soon in the future.

Women, unlike men, see prophetic dreams more often and it is easier to decipher their dreams. This fact is attributed to the provision that women’s intuition is much better developed and hence, more sensitive to events.

People who believe in their dreams, always show interest in the events seen in the dreams of other people and correlate them with the facts that occur in the nearest future in real life. Correct mapping of events in our dreams and subsequent events in the life allows us to organize the prediction taken from the Dream Dictionary. The core of all predictions is a long-standing practice, which is common and accessible for everyone.

Dreams do not always foretell the events only for a person who saw them. Sometimes we can see the dreams about our relatives and friends or people that do not relate to us directly. Do not be scared of nightmares. Nightmare does not always mean a trouble; it might just be the output of negative emotions that accumulate on a subconscious level and thus our mind is struggling with them.

In recent years there has been a lot of research in the field related to predictions and their fulfilment in the real life. For example, some scholars argue that their future can be controlled with the dreams. To do this we have to “book” the correct dream during our which will let us change the future in real life. Talented fortune tellers were able to control their dreams for centuries!

It is worth remembering that a person can cause some negative effects even without the intervention of higher powers. Pent-up rage and hatred towards other people will undoubtedly cause only negative dreams, which in turn will lead to corresponding events in real life, not only for the person who saw these dreams, but also for his family and friends.

Picture from Timothy Krause

How to Make Your Wishes Come True

making wishes

One of the main reasons i became interested in esoterism is the idea that all my dreams may come true. Sounds a bit selfish and naive, but we all like to cut through the hard work and get things easier. So, why not to dream BIG? Well, there are a few things you have to know and today i’m going to tell you the rules of wish-making.

Why are some wishes coming true, while others are not? Is there some secret way to wish-making? The fact is all our wishes come true, if we can correctly think about them. The whole secret lies in a correct formulation of our dreams.

Although we have some thoughts spinning in our head, they are unclear and unspecified. But once you explain them on paper, those ideas acquire the clarity necessary to move further.

Same thing works for our wishes. How the Universe can understand what you want, if your head is full of completely different thoughts: “I need to pay the bills by 28th of this month – She has got a nice haircut, so I need to ask her about hairdresser – I have to buy a new shoes for tomorrow – How cool would it be if I can travel by car this weekend”… and so on. Pretty crazy, I say!

Rule № One: Our Wish Has To Be Written

It may sound strange, but the correct wording of our own desires may take some time. It is not that straightforward as you may think. Let’s check some examples.

“I want to have a home” – Is it correctly written? No, complete failure! The truth is that such desire may come true even if the rituals and techniques are not performed as expected. Hence, the effect will be slightly different than expected. Imagine yourself opening your diary in 30 years … “Hooray! All came true”, but after all, this is not what you may want. What I want to say is that the desire without exact dates are meaningless, hence it follows…

Rule № Two: Desire Should Have a Time Frame

For example, “In August 2014 I will buy a new car”. If you think this wording is correct – you are wrong again.

Rule № Three: Desire is Always Written in Present Tense

Thus instead of “I will be going on holiday to the Canary Islands” wording, you should right something like “I’m going on holiday to the Canary Islands “.

Rule № Four: Do Not Use Negative Particles

First, the universe is paying attention to particles such are “no” or any other negative words. When you’re saying “I don’t want to be poor” you probably want to say “I want be rich”, but the universe ignores particle “not” and treats it as “I want to be poor”.

Secondly, you are always attracted to what you are thinking of. By saying “I don’t want to be poor “, you automatically think of poverty. Feel the difference!

Rule № Five: Desire Has To Be Sincere and Important to You

Imagine the boy saying “I want to become a great musician”. Actually he likes car racing, but at the same time he wants to please his mother, who is dreaming of the Mozart’s fame for her son. This is a fundamental mistake! It is just impossible to cheat the Universe with fake desires.

Rule № Six: Desire Should Be Ethical

Your wishes similar to “I want to rob a bank and get rich quickly” and “I want my boss to have a headache” will simply not work. The universe is not going to fulfil such requests because the world is ruled by love rather than evil.

Rule № Seven: Direct Your Wishes to Yourself

While we understand that you take care of your loved ones, however the universe has its laws. Your wishes should be directed to yourself, your actions, gains, desires and events.

It is useless to write “I want my son to win a dancing competition”, but instead it can be formulated as follows: “I am supporting my son to win a dancing competition” – Can you spot a difference?

Rule № Eight: More Details and Emotions

When writing your wishes, try to describe them in as much detail as possible. If it is a trip to Australia, try to describe your vacation at least in general terms – the hotel and the weather. If this is a new car – describe its main characteristics. And be sure to mention the feelings that you will have when the desire is fulfilled.

Rule № Nine: The Execution of Your Desire Should Not Bring Harm to Other People

For example, a person wants to have his own apartment. It is unlikely that he will be happy to become the owner of the apartment if previous owners (his parents) die in a car accident. It is a good habit to compete your wording with something similar to “Let this bring joy and happiness to me and to those it may concern”.

Rule № Ten: Do Not Limit the Universe

You should not set the borders to universe in its efforts to help you. It is possible that our world thinks you are worthy not rest in the cheap Spanish hostel, but in 5-star boutique hotel in South France. I don’t think you will argue much about such changes?

So, these are the 10 basic rules that you have to follow when formulating your desires. So, what’s next? Your desire is written in a correct way, so should you think about it and constantly monitor even the slightest changes?

No way! Just let it go. You may even forget about it. Your persistent thoughts and feelings will only generate negative energy background that would interfere with the correct fulfilment of your desires.

Of course this doesn’t mean that you should end up on the sofa and wait for the “perfect weather”. Our universe can provide you with some amazing opportunities, but without your action they will never materialize in the desired results.

So, just act on your desires and you will see great changes coming into your life!

Picture from David Reece

Esoterism in Our Lives

Hello and welcome to my first blog! Today i would like to share my knowledge about esoterism – the science that helps to transform you into a new person whenever you feel the life you are living at present is far from your dreams. I have studied a little bit of theory, and will try to give you the main points that i remembered. So, let’s start…

If you have never heard anything about the esoterism, it does not mean that it does not exist in our lives in one way or another. Everything inaccessible has always attracted the attention of mankind of all ages, and the desire to comprehend the secrets of universe has invariably embraced each of us. Even the eternal question – what is happiness? – In some way can be attributed to spirituality. It turns out that the esoterism is the science of our life, fate, circumstances, and coincidences, thus by knowing all the details of this science we are getting to know ourselves.

So what is esoterism? First of all, it is a philosophy of human relations, which determines the position of individual in society. As with any philosophical direction, the doctrine of esotericism does not lie on the surface; even the word itself means “internal” or “hidden”. Accordingly, to understand the secret, you need a lot of effort – that’s why many people prefer to consult specialists, forgetting the simple truth that we are rulers of our own destinies.

Many believe that spirituality is similar to the occult, which, in turn, compared with something, not just mysterious, but even dangerous. So here comes the question: should we be afraid of the esoterism? To study further, it can be concluded that its main function is to make life better, to promote self-development and the acquisition of spiritual harmony. That means to get rid of all fears and just to go forward – towards our goals. No wonder why it’s often said by many that human potential is inexhaustible.

Hidden resources of our body remain unexplored for majority until their death, and some have not even been aware of their existence. There are certain “levers” to help direct our esoteric possibilities in the right direction. The esoteric object is hidden from the sight – it is the soul, thus by learning it we open the new secrets of universe.

From outside, esoterism can resemble magic, but this is misleading belief of those who do not want to dive into the underlying causes of the phenomena around us. Though magic in some of its aspects is based on the esoteric doctrine, but it is inherently different from the science in question. Esoterism is the depository of centuries-old wisdom, and those who managed to accumulate this knowledge strike as wizards or magicians.

Magic cannot be understood, while esoterism is open for our study. Moreover, it is possible to learn it daily, every minute – with the help of others or alone!

The parallel between psychology and spirituality is evident. Self-knowledge serves for expanding the boundaries of possibilities and goals. Here it is worth remembering the positive effect of meditation. Psychologist as profession became a norm, however we are still not accustomed to esoterism, and visit to a so-called “magician” is usually kept as secret . Needless to say, many of us do not trust horoscopes, people deny and try to ignore them, but it is hard to resist not looking in the zodiacal prediction. Why? Because of human’s psychology and the desire to look into the future.

So what esoterism can give you? To begin with, the self-learning practice helps to get rid of stereotypes that are pounding our lives. This science will reveal all the factors that adversely affect the formation and development of inner self, and ultimately – show (and correct – to open the eyes) the options to improve the living conditions and promote positive emotional state.

The most important step is to move from theory to practice. There are many so-called esoteric ramifications, and everyone can choose the most suitable option – from simple to more advance techniques that require a certain knowledge, skills, patience and analysis. Yoga, for example, requires not only free time, but also physical effort. So, be firm, be patient and practice daily… and the sun will shine brighter one day!

Picture from Gianni